My NEW New Years resolution.

I’m going to finish an album. By the end of the year.

Basic stuff. Reason and a MIDI keyboard. probably not much else. Maybe vocals. We’ll see how this pans out.

I haven’t thought of a album name or a moniker, if I use one at all, but eventually I’ll also need album art.

There’s a lot of other stuff I still need to sort out, like genre, distribution and If/who else will be involved.

More as you hear it.


It’s 11:46pm and there are cars outside.

I really hope I get used to the noisy-ness when I want to sleep, otherwise I may never get anything done.

It’s my second day of living in Auckland as an Audio Engineering student at MAINZ and I’m still really unsettled. I’m on the 3rd floor of the YMCA and my room similar dimensions to a shoebox, which would be bearable if I didn’t have to share bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet with 5 floors of strangers. At least all the important stuff fits, but it’s what I get for coming up 2 whole weeks before the rest of the student population in this country, but I’ll deal.

And this is also why I decided to start blogging. Bored, living in a shoebox, with no friends and in an unfamiliar city. Gripping stuff.

So I guess should have started saying something about myself 2 paragraphs ago. I’m Simon, from a small town in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand called Te Puke. I have a brother, a mum and a dad, a girlfriend and a few best friends. Yesterday I moved from my small town called Te Puke to the big city called Auckland, and while exciting, it has been pretty taxing. I’m very passionate about many kinds of music and am also an avid gamer, whose current addiction would be Left 4 Dead 2 if I had a better internet connection here at the YMCA and knew more people who actually own a copy on PC. As I previously mentioned, I’m studying for a Certificate in Audio Engineering at a school called MAINZ, and am about to have my 3rd day there. I’m also doing my best to write my own music with a cheap MIDI keyboard and Reason 4, for lack of knowledge in anything else (but that will change…). I’m also one of the unfortunates that doesn’t hit the legal drinking age until well after everyone else he knows, so march should be a good month for me.

So to wrap it all up, That was me, I like things and I hope you like me.


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